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Congregational Care Report

Congregational Care Report

April 20, 2017 

Affirmation of the week:  I realize renewed energy as I release limiting and fearful, thoughts. I understand that I am at choice at all times and engage my Christ strengths of discernment and understanding to choose the highest good in my life.

We are so grateful to all the staff, musicians, and volunteers who made Easter week the beautiful experience it was.  A special shout out to the Uniteens for their help with ushering and greeting on Good Friday. We had close to 500 congregants on Sunday and it was a blessing and a joy to share Easter morning with such spirit filled souls.


We know absolute wholeness for baby Samuel O’Neil and his mother Jennifer O’Neil, who will have given birth 6 weeks early on Friday, April 21.  We see all caregivers open and receiving divine guidance and surround the entire family including grandparents, Jim and Lois Bany, with joy and grace as they celebrate Samuel’s birth.


We see divine love and light surrounding Dan Rogers as he undergoes intensive therapy with muscle related issues. He is at The Sweet Life at Grand Court on 12200 Lamar until April 22nd.  We know strength and divine guidance about Dan as he works to regain better function.


We are so grateful to our intrepid facilities manager Jane Sauve, the first voice team, and our facilities staff, for the new look in the book store.  Lots of muscle and elbow grease went into rearranging all those shelves and merchandise. A special thank-you to Bob King for devising the plan.

Come check it out!


We are delighted to celebrate Mike McCord, Evonne Webster and her granddaughter, Lexa, as Volunteers of the Month.  We deeply appreciate their dedication to making UCOP the wonderful experience it is.


We are delighted to report that Mary Ellen Munger is feeling much better.  We know that light and love continues to indwell every cell and fiber of her being and that wholeness is her birthright as a perfect child of God.


We know perfect wholeness for Jerry Durrell as he continues to recover from surgery.  We see each caregiver divinely guided and we surround Jerry and his wife Judy in the fullness of God’s light and love as they move through this process together.

We celebrate Linda Hansen as perfect wholeness as she continues her recovery from respiratory issues.  She is feeling much better and is grateful for the prayers.  We know she breathes in divine light and healing with every breath and that the ease and grace of spirit support both her and her husband Brock.


We know only wholeness and healing as we hold Molly Hammer in love and light as she moves into treatment for a recurrence of cancer. We know that her caregivers are divinely guided and that the perfect ease and grace of God are with her always.


There was a beautiful memorial service with military honors for Bud Seaman Friday April 7, here at UCOP.  Bud and Georgia served as ushers for many years and Bud will be missed. We support Georgia in love and light as she moves through this time of loss.

We continue to surround Jim and Janet Barnett with divine love and light knowing that strength, peace, and comfort are always present as Jim continues to take chemotherapy and celebrate no further growth in his tumors. We know God is present through this entire process. Prayer Chaplain: Cathy Combs

We hold each congregant and every visitor who comes through the doors of our ministry in love and light as we see the wholeness of each, and behold the Christ as everyone.   We are peace, and we call it forth in all situations around the globe.


To share information appropriate for the Congregational Care report please contact Rev. Keri at kking@ucop.org.  Know that we must have direct permission of those involved to share third party items.