2018 Easter Series

Walking in Truth

This Easter season, join Rev. Brandon and Rev. Keri for a special exploration of Unity’s foundational Truth teachings. Inspired by Charles Fillmore’s classic text, Keep a True Lent. Each Sunday will focus on a different Truth principle that Charles suggested we focus on in our preparation for Easter. As we explore these teachings, we will see how to take that principle and grow spiritually from it in this day and age.

Keep a True Lent discusses the spiritual basis for topics we all work through, and with, on a regular basis. How can we work with our inner light to heal ourselves? How does setting love as the baseline for how we live our lives connect us with God and the Christ presence? Is there a way for our intellect and spirit to coexist in our lives? The answers to these questions help bring about a deeper understanding of the Christ Nature in our lives and in our world. We hope you’ll join us for one or all of these Sundays as we learn how we can walk every day in Truth.


Sunday, February 25 at 10am - "The House Not Built with Hands" with Rev. Brandon Nagel

Sunday, March 4 at 9am & 11am - "A Throne of Love" with Rev. Brandon Nagel

Sunday, March 11 at 9am & 11am - "A Godly Conscience" with Rev. Brandon Nagel

Sunday, March 18 at 9am & 11am - TBD with Rev. Keri King

Palm Sunday, March 25 at 10am - "Spiritualizing Our Intellect" with Rev. Brandon Nagel

Good Friday, March 30 at 7pm - Good Friday service with Rev. Brandon Nagel & Rev. Keri King

Easter Sunday, April 1 at 9am & 11am - "Awakening Our Wholeness" with Rev. Brandon Nagel