2018 Youth Advent Programs

2018 Youth Advent Program

December 2nd~ FAITH is the certain knowledge that our good is ours Right Now. Kids will read and understand “The Prayer of Faith” by Hannah More Kohaus. Nursery will identify characters from a real wood nativity scene while hearing the Christmas Story. UniTeens reads ‘The Widow’s Mite’ Story from the Bible and will listen to youtube video ‘How to Handle a Bad Day.’
December 9th ~ PEACE… Peace, Harmony and tranquility derive from an awareness of the Christ consciousness. …. Elementary will teach Nursery how to make Reindeer ornaments out of candy canes. We will watch nature videos and encourage kids to connect with the peace available.
December 16th~~ This Sunday is LOVE Sunday. YFM will sing “Jingle Bells” with a surprise ‘twist’ for the congregation. Children will be blessed by the congregation singing: "I behold the Christ in You.”
December 23rd~ JOY…Pajama Sunday! Kids are to wear P. J.’s.! As we look at JOY, our Natural State of Being, we will rehearse ‘Silent Night’ for Christmas Eve. Nursery will munch popcorn watching JOY! youtube videos. Uniteens will practice ‘Random acts of Kindness”
December 30th~ Kids will participate in the “Burning Bowl” ceremony with the congregation.