2108 Fall Festival Parade Info

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with this email and it’s attachments to review the attachments. 


The attachments should include

1)  staging area map,

2) a map of the route,

3) the lineup for Block 3 (we are in block 3 and also 4) information on a downtown Overland Park app.


Jim and I will meet anyone that wants to ride the shuttle from Shawnee Mission West parking lot to the shuttle drop off at 80th and Conser Saturday morning, September 29th at 9:00am.  We will have one of our Unity parking signs, so be on the lookout for it.


The shuttle will drop us off at 80th and Conser and then we will have to walk from there to the staging area.  It looks like it is almost longer to walk from the shuttle drop off to the parade staging area, than the entire parade route!  Ha!


If you take a later (or earlier) shuttle from SMW, or park on your own, you can just plan on linking up with the rest of the UCOP folks at the Block 3 staging area, so I would suggest you have the staging area map handy, either print it out or be able to pull it up on your phone.


If you will be riding in one of the convertibles, Rev. Keri will provide you with more specific information.


Jim and I will have bags of the affirmation leaves made up to pass out.  Please take a moment to scroll down further in this email regarding parade etiquette.  Please walk to the sides to hand out the affirmations to the attendees.  We may not throw the leaves.


If you have a black Unity in Action t-shirt, or anything else that says “Unity” please consider wearing that.  The last weather update shows that Saturday at 10:00am, it should be 51 degrees with a 20% chance of precipitation.  Please dress accordingly and don’t forget sunscreen J


My cell phone is 913-530-1831.  Please call me if you have any issues Saturday morning.


Have fun out there!!