About Unity Church of Overland Park

Welcome to Unity Church of Overland Park!

We welcome you just as you are and recognize that each person is on their own unique spiritual journey. There are many paths to God and we honor all faiths, backgrounds, ethnicities and diverse expressions of individuals and families. There is a place for you in our spiritual community and we hope you’ll join us for our Sunday celebration services, classes, workshops and events offered seven days a week. At Unity you can connect with like-minded people in an inclusive environment, allowing you to grow spiritually, have fun and experience a fulfilled life of abundance and meaning.

Nestled in the heart of Overland Park, 10850 Lowell Ave (Cleveland Chiropractic College), we're just fifteen minutes from downtown Kansas City.  We can be found easily by taking the 103rd Street exit from 69 Highway and heading east or by taking Antioch Road (Exit 80) off 435 and heading south.  Unity Church of Overland Park has been a presence in the Kansas City area for over thirty years.  

Our Sunday celebration services and youth classes are held at 10:00am.



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