Back-to- School Project

Back-to-School Project
benefiting Community Linc
Sundays, July 2 to 23
This year, we’ll provide school supplies for Community Linc children and those within our own UCOP families. Our partner organization prefers that school supplies be unpacked so that children may pick out the items that are specifically on their school supply lists and pack their own backpacks.
Community Linc uses our donations to set up a school supplies shop.  This empowers children by allowing them to make their own choices and gives them the pleasure of experiencing "back-to-school" shopping.  We serve Elementary, Middle and High School students.  It is not necessary to buy the full amount needed of any item to participate.   All contributions are greatly appreciated!
To this end, there will be flyers available at the Back-to- School counter in the lobby throughout the month of July with a list of the specific school supplies (and quantities) needed. You might choose to provide 10 reams of notebook paper, or perhaps 5 boxes of crayons, or any of the numerous supplies the kids will need as they head into a successful year at school. All supplies will then be made available, as in a store, for the Community Linc families to pick up what their children need for school. All School supplies are due back to the church no later than July 23.
UCOP families in need may also contact Cindy Jensen about packing a backpack for their children before all the supplies are delivered to Community Linc. You may contact Cindy Jensen at
School Supplies Needed:
Backpacks (gender neutral) For Elementary Students                              20

For Middle School Students                           6

For High School Students                               6


Pens, Pencils, Markers 

8-pack of washable markers                       20

Pack of Markers                                            12

Pack of crayons                                             26

Ballpoint pens (blue or black)                    18

Ballpoint pens (red)                                     36

Large Erasers                                                 96

Pack of No. 2 Pencils                                    32

Highlighter                                                     32


Paper Supplies

Loose leaf notebook paper (wide-ruled)                 26

Loose leaf notebook paper (college-ruled)               6

Spiral notebooks (wide-ruled)                                   78

Spiral notebooks (college-ruled)                               30

Pack of graphing paper                                                  6

Pack of index Cards                                                        6

Pocket Folders                                                             150

3-Ring Binders (1/2" or 1")                                          60


Office Supplies

Scissors for Elementary Students                 20

Scissors for Middle School Students              6

Scissors for High School Students                  6

Protractor                                                           6

Ruler                                                                  32

Glue - bottles or sticks                                    72

Supply Box/Pencil Pouch                               32



Box of Tissues                                                   64

Hand Sanitizer                                                   32


All School supplies are due back to the church no later than July 23.



Sunday, July 2, 2017 - 10:00am to 1:00pm