with Carrah Quigley

This 3 week course on Buddhism is intended to give a basic understanding of the religion and its history. The first week will focus on the life of the Buddha and the major teachings of Buddhism. The second will look more closely at how the establishment of monastic orders and pilgrimages shaped the religion we know today. The third week will focus on Western Buddhism, how it migrated and why it has been so popular in the West today. The classes will begin with meditation each week in order to offer a more experiential reference for the study of this religion. Participants in the class will be encouraged to establish a light but purposeful meditation practice throughout the three weeks of this course. All will be asked to observe how life has changed as a result of meditation and learning about Buddhism. Suggested love offering $10 per session

Textbook for the course: ‘When Things Fall Apart’, by Pema Chodron, available in the bookstore 

Since the age of 17, Carrah Quigley has explored the different religions of the world and how they deeply inform personal faith. Throughout her travels and experience in different religious environments she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge both academic and personal. She holds a Master’s Degree, with distinction, in Ecumenics, from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and a Bachelor’s in Religious Studies from University of Arizona. She studied at Union Theological Seminary in New York and completed graduate courses in the History of Islam and Christianity at UMKC and Conflict Resolution Studies in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Carrah also serves on staff at Unity Church of Overland Park as the youth & family assistant.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm