Children's Programs - A Season For Non-Violence

Creating Peace in our World”


February 3rd: Children will learn about the life of Martin Luther King Jr, and what he did to help create peace in our world through non-violence.

February 10th:  This lesson is based upon Rev. Gary Simmons book, “The ‘I’ of the Storm” Children will learn about how a hurricane is formed and realize how the ‘I/Eye’ of the storm is an analogy for the Peace within them, though surrounded by turbulence created outside themselves.

February 17th: Children will look at the differences between ‘Joy’ (based on our natural state) and ‘Happiness’ (based on circumstances)

February 24th:  Elementary will review: ‘awareness’ ‘the breath’ and ‘centering’. By keeping our Minds and Hearts centered in Christ we know how to respond when confronted with a problem: gently and firmly.