Fall Faith Shadow Work Workshop

Fall Faith Shadow Work Workshop
Sunday, November 5
12:30 pm to 2:00pm
in Harmony Hall 2
Love offering
Rewriting Your Life Story:
The sixth stage of the emergence process is to embrace those elements of ourselves that in some way or another are limiting the truth of who you came here to be. During this workshop Rev. Brandon will guide you through the process outlined in our Fall Faith book as you go back through the timeline of your life to heal a past experience that is currently limiting your true self from emerging. We all have experiences in life where we learned we had to behave in a certain way to protect ourselves from being hurt emotionally or physically.
The behaviors we learned from these experiences affect how we respond to life’s circumstances in the present and limit our ability to truly allow our greatness to emerge. But when we take the time to move backwards on the timeline of our lives, we can identify what happened and heal the energy we have around a particular experience; ultimately rewriting the way we perceive our own life’s story. Through guided meditation and journaling you’ll begin to explore your past and bring healing to those areas that are serving as a block to who you were meant to be.
Feel free to bring a lunch to enjoy during the workshop.