Habitual Domains Book Discussion Group

Facilitated by Marc Jaben

“Habitual Domains” is a theory developed by Po-Lung Yu, Ph.D., a shining and benevolent man who was the youngest person to hold a distinguished professorship at the University of Kansas. Born in Taiwan, Dr. Yu was a business strategist and consultant, a kung-fu master, and an organic gardener.  Habitual Domains is a compendium of uplifting thinking on goal setting, problem-solving, and living a balanced and successful life.  He draws from neuroscience, psychology, eastern wisdom, and, of course, good business sense.  He once told Marc Jaben, who will be facilitating the study group, that when a Christian reads Habitual Domains, it sounds to them like Christianity.  When a Muslim reads Habitual Domains, it sounds to them like Islam and when a follower of Judaism reads Habitual Domains, it sounds like Judaism.”  So, to our New Thought ears, Habitual Domains will sound just like Unity! Join Marc for this discussion and exploration of the book. (Books will be provided)

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