Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future - HOPCOF - Oct 27th

Culture is the cumulation of everything that our spiritual community has experienced. It lives as an unconscious driver arising from the collective historical memory of our story. Culture is the personality of a group whether we state it aloud or leave it unstated. It is the way we do things. Culture is non-debated and subliminal. Vital to the creation of a thriving ministry is our understanding that "Culture trumps vision and eats strategy for lunch." If we do not understand our culture and make peace with it, we will recreate it.
The HOPCOF process is designed to hear our collective story, observe our community's “shadow" and also honor where we have come from. We will discover both what has blessed us in our past and how we have felt harmed because all of these energies still live in the emotional psyche of our community. We will discover our past in order to intentionally create the future. 
It is true that Unity Church of Overland Park has done HOPCOF in the past and other exercises like it more recently. My observation is that much has happened in the last few years in the life of this ministry that has not been addressed. Unless we become clear about our story and then follow through with a community wide response to the systemic issues, the original energies continue to live in the system and will recreate new occurrences of disconnect and disfunction. The current time of transition offers an opportunity to address what has been unfinished in our past in order to create a thriving ministry going forward.
Note, that this process is a full and intense one day experience that runs from 9 am to 4 pm. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate–congregant, leadership, staff. The day will move quickly and often proves enlightening. Out of this day’s experience we will form an Action Step Team that will create possible responses for our community to adopt going forward.
Please plan to be ready to start promptly at 9 am and to stay the entire time. Lunch will be provided.  
All who attend and willingly do the HOPCOF work are the Critical Mass 
that can affect a change in consciousness and in the story of our spiritual community.