Key Lime Pie Bake-Off

Hurricane Relief Event
Community Sunday, September 24
11 am in Harmony Hall
(during the Potluck!)
September 24 is Community Sunday, so just one service at 10 am, followed by a delicious potluck! And this potluck has a very special feature to it. Many of us have expressed a desire to come together as a community to lend assistance to the folks in Houston and Florida who are recovering from the recent hurricanes. So on Sunday, September 24, we ask each of you who would like to help raise money for disaster relief to take part in the Key Lime Pie Bake-Off!
This will work the way our annual Chili Cook-Off has worked in the past, with bakers sharing small slices of their Key Lime creations with everyone, and we in turn then get to “vote” for our favorites with our cash in the “voting jars” in front of our favorite pies (or cookies, or pudding, or cakes, or whatever Key Lime creations you want to concoct). Winner doesn’t keep the money (nor does the church.) It all goes to Heart to Heart International for their hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida. But you do win bragging rights to the best pie! So everyone plan to save room in your bellies during that potluck so you can taste all the Key Lime entries and do your part to help the folks down south.
Sunday, September 24, 2017 - 11:00am