A Message from your Board of Directors

A Message from your Board of Directors

The Board of Directors wants to extend a huge Thank You to our church community! Your input, honesty and love showed up big time when so many people attended the first Listening Circle on July 30th. Since then, the Board has met several times to discern what was heard, and to seek action steps which would help our community grow in love and understanding.

We heard a desire to focus on 4 key areas: Pastoral Care, Releasing Hurt, Spiritual Depth and Living from our Core Values. We affirm that our spiritual center is in the abundance of the Christ nature within each of us and our church home. We know that all change comes from within first, and is made manifest into the world after the inner work is attended to. Through prayer and careful consideration of the joys and concerns of UCOP as our Spiritual Home the following are what has already been done, or is in the process of being created here at UCOP.

Pastoral Care 

· The Prayer Chaplains are being announced every week from the platform.

· The Prayer Chaplains were formally recognized in a loving ceremony in front of the entire congregation, after a wonderful sermon by Rev. Keri King on prayer and prayer consciousness.

· Sharing the Congregational Care Report each Sunday so all of our congregants know how to hold one another in loving prayer and support (coming soon).

·Helping all congregants know, through slides and bulletin inserts how anyone can reach out for pastoral support, and how they can be added to our Prayer Chaplain list for monthly prayer calls.

· Inviting all congregants to help the Pastoral Care team know when someone in our community may need prayer support or pastoral care.


Releasing Hurt 

· In response to expressions of hurt and sadness and a recognition of the need to let go and to clear our minds and hearts in order to create a clearing for healing and moving forward, a special Burning Bowl Releasing Ceremony is planned for the Wednesday night, October 4th  Fall Faith Sacred Healing Service.

· Additionally, the monthly Sacred Healing Service is always a way to use our spiritual tools to let go, heal and allow God to work in and through us as we live from a place of wholeness.


Spiritual Depth   

·Rev. Brandon and Rev. Keri are consistently taking us to depth, bringing us both tried and true Unity Principles, and challenging us to go deeper, to take it to the mat with prayer, and return to our spiritual center knowing that the Christ nature is alive and well within each of us.

· Incredible opportunities for going deeper with Spirit are available through classes offered throughout the week.  Look for more classes in coming months.

· Fall Faith kicks off in October with numerous opportunities for spiritual depth as we each take time to read Emergence, join a Fall Faith Circle Group and explore these concepts as they emerge in our individual lives.

· Outstanding music each week, created to inspire and enhance the message from the platform.

· An artistic rendition of Unity’s 5 Basic Principles will be created and placed in the lobby of UCOP.


Living from our Core Values of Love, Abundance, Joy, Inclusiveness and Spirit Led 

· We are exploring a Walk the Talk series for congregants to dive more deeply into these core values. The opportunity to seek a better understanding of how to live from these values not only within the church, but in all areas of our own lives, will be available for all UCOP congregants.


We hope you’ll join us again for another opportunity to share your thoughts in our next “Listening Circle – Part Two”on Sunday, September 24 at 12:00 pm in room 215.