Mind Mending, Sound Bending Meditation

UCOP Sound Healing Series Presents:
Mind Mending, Sound Bending Meditation
with Mark Allen Gossman
Friday, October 13
7:00 pm in Harmony Hall 2
Prepare to be washed over by the rich, full harmonics of hand forged gongs and tibetan bowls tuned in the frequencies of A at 432hz. This complete sound immersion can facilitate deep states of meditation and relaxation. It offers the recipient the opportunity to expand consciousness and bathes the physical, mental and emotional bodies. These instruments have been proven to be helpful in overcoming damages from drug abuse and stress related illness. They can help rejuvenate the parasympathetic, and regulate the sympathetic, nervous systems.
Mark Allen Gossman's mission is to create unity in the world through sacred sound. Guiding people into a state of relaxed receptivity through the use of Gongs and Tibetan Bowls, Sacred Rhythms and Devotional Singing.
Friday, October 13, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm