Small Group Application

Small groups are vital to the community-based ministry model.  Forming a small group is quick and easy!  If you are interested in forming a small group, please follow these simple steps:

1. Identify something that interests you to serve as a theme for your group.  Then identify five or six other individuals who share this common interest and invite them to join. 

2. Fill out and submit this form and indicate your interest in launching a small group.  This form will be sent to Rev. Brandon Nagel.

3. Once approved, Rev. Brandon will put you in touch with the Small Group Ministry Support Team. The SG-MST will meet with you to help you understand how your small group may function most effectively. 

4.  A small group information form will be sent to you to fill out and return to our communications team so they will have the information needed to support your group. 

5. After receiving the information form, our Director of Communications, Jan Chapman, will contact you to schedule a date for you to make a Sunday platform share.

6. A Sunday platform share will be made regarding your group with an invitation for additional participants to sign up if they are interested, bringing the group to a total of 10 to 12 members.

7. You and your group should be willing to commit to utilizing the five basic Unity principles as touchstones for your group discussions and activities. 

8. You and your group should also be willing to commit to participation in community outreach and community service. 

9. The ultimate objective for your small group members is simply to live better lives by following a spiritual path to accomplish this.


Interested in forming a small group?  Fill out this form. You will then be contacted by a Small Group Ministry Support Team (SG-MST) member.  Thank you!