A Gong Meditation with Teri Wilder

Sound Healing Series Presents
A Gong Meditation with Teri Wilder
MONDAY, November 20, 2017
7:00pm to 9:00pm in Harmony Hall 2
Space is limited so be sure to register early.
Quiet your mind in this meditation and feel calm, centered and balanced.
Relax your fears away with the soothing sound vibrations of the gong.
Let go of what’s keeping you in the past and experience joy now.
Allow your body to restore itself to optimum health.
Go from feeling stressed to feeling blessed.
Experience the deepest and most profound level of relaxation as you bathe in the vibrations of this ancient therapeutic instrument, helping you release negative emotions and fears that can cause illness, dis-ease or blockages in your body. The gong’s vibrations will gently and safely guide your body into a state of bliss and harmony. There is nothing you need to do but relax and let the gong do the rest.

~ Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillows (for under head & knees) and water bottle
~ Regular seating is also available
~ Wear comfortable, loose clothing
Teri's Gong Meditation CD’s will also be available for purchase at the event.
No prior experience, effort or practice is required to participate. Everyone is welcome!
Teri Wilder plays a Paiste 30" Symphonic gong named “Om” and a Venus Planetary gong named “Charlie." The symphonic gong contains within it all of the sounds of creation, allowing for a more powerful meditation!