Oneness Meditation

With Rev. Patricia Keel

Oneness Meditation is the transfer of the Divine Presence by looking into the Oneness Meditators eyes. Oneness Meditator and Unity minister Reverend Patricia Keel will open herself in this sacred time and space to allow the Divine Presence to flow through her. As you look into her eyes the Presence pours into you, giving you a direct experience; for some it is indescribable joy, bliss, peace, and/or any combinations of feelings/releases. Suggested love offering: $10

As of June 30, 2012 Patricia has been initiated as on of 12 Oneness Meditators in North America. Reverend Dr. Patricia Keel retired in early 2011 as the Founding Minister of Unity of Berkeley, a community of creative and eclectic spiritual enthusiasts. Patricia pioneered the church in 2001, inspired by her doctoral study of the great women mystics; in particular Hildegard von Bingen. Her intention was to create a Unity principled community that honored the creative artist in each person as well as the wisdom teachings of all the major world traditions. In 2012 Patricia launched her new spiritual coaching/counseling practice ONE LIFE COACHING. She is available by telephone, Skype or in person for one on one coaching and spiritual counseling. Since retiring in January, 2011 from her role as minister at Unity of Berkeley Patricia took her fourth trip to India to participate in a 28-day Deepening Process at Oneness University. She also traveled to Shantikunj, an ashram in northern India operated by All World Gaitri Pariwar. She is planning a Darshan Pilgrimage back to Oneness and Shantikunj in November 2011. Rev. Patricia has a Doctor of Ministry degree from Matthew Fox’s University of Creation Spirituality, now known as Wisdom University. Her doctoral project was based on bringing the Art as Meditation focus of Creation Spirituality into Unity churches with a dynamic 7-week program series called Living The Creative Life, based on Eric Butterworth’s book. Patricia is a graduate of the Oneness University in India, level I and Level II and in January, 2010 was initiated as a Certified Oneness Trainer. Her newest venture/adventure is launching an internet radio station with shows 24/7 available on the web and on Iphone and Ipads. The Oneness Program offers interviews with Oneness Trainers and two blessings in each hour.

For questions contact Angela Reed, 913.514.4986.

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