The Q Process Training and 21 day Practice

The Q Process Training and 21 day Practice

Saturday May 18th 9:15am-4:15pm

Facilitated by Rev. David Mosher

$65.00 includes participation fee and book fee

Preregistration required by May 5th


Bring a brown bag lunch

Location: JoCo Library, Corinth Branch, 8100 Mission Rd. Prairie Village, KS 66208

What would life be like if you lived every minute of every day with the deep peace of knowing that nothing and no one is against you?  This Quantum Process Training weaves together the latest understandings emerging from brain research with quantum science and the profound spiritual wisdom at the heart of ancient and modern spiritual teachings world-wide.  The goal of the Q Process Training is to enable people to radically shift their consciousness and their experience of life within the span of the 21 day Art and Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You.