Sunday Celebration Services


Celebration services at Unity Church of Overland Park are inspiring, practical and transformational. Anyone is welcome here!

Sunday Celebration Services

9:00am & 11:00am 
ONE SERVICE at 10:00am on the last Sunday of every month


11:00am sign language interpretation
Childcare for children up to age three provided in the Nursery at both services
Youth classes (for ages 3-18)

Sunday Guided Meditation - 10:30am  (In the peace chapel) |  9:30am on Community Sundays


Upcoming Sunday & Special Celebration Services

Sunday April 22nd at 9am & 11am
Rev. Keri King
The Unknown Can Be A Scary Place
Sometimes in our lives it feels like the whole applecart is going upside down. Don’t you get tired of hearing the same old “go within, God’s got this” stuff in response to your pain?
We say “But, this is the real world, what do we really do?”
Well, join Rev. Keri as she explores the realities of applying spiritual principle to our lives.
Sunday April 29th at 10am - Community Sunday
Steffany Barton, guest speaker
Pieces of Peace
When facing the storms, encountering the challenges and changes in life, how can we cultivate a sense of calm. Steffany will share practical, creative tips for putting together the pieces of peace. Come and discover Love.
Sunday May 6th 9am & 11am

Rev. David Mosher

Making Stone Soup

 Change is never comfortable. How do we, as individuals and as spiritual community, navigate the wilderness experience of transition?   Join us as Rev. David Mosher shares some thoughts on how we can become the next thriving expression of Divine Light and Love for our world.