T'ai Chi

Facilitated by Marc Jaben

T’ai Chi is a centuries-old mind-body coordination exercise from China whose numerous health benefits are documented in “The Harvard Medical School Guide to T’ai Chi.”  Practiced with maximal relaxation and minimal use of strength, T’ai Chi is sometimes called a “moving meditation”.  With long and sincere practice, T’ai Chi can be approached as a method of self-defense.  This is an introductory class, with emphasis on correct body-alignment and simple body mechanics.  Silk-reeling exercises (warm-ups) will begin each class. Students will gradually learn the first Wu-style form. Introductory 2-person sensitivity drills (push-hands) will be offered to interested students in the last half hour of the 1&½ hour class.  Based on Taoist principles, T’ai Chi is about Yin and Yang (body and mind, self and other) in harmony.  Instructor Marc Jaben has practiced an hour a day for the last 10 years.  Come find out why people in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s practice daily in China.  You will benefit, and you will enjoy this ancient and sacred practice.  Class meets in Harmony Hall 2 on Mondays from April 9th - June 4th from 6:30-8:30

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