YFM Heros Journey - Magical Aid

Hey Parents & Grandparents!  This coming Sunday (Aug. 12th) our youth lesson is called MAGICAL AID!
Uni-Kids (Ages Kindergarten - Grade 4): Following the Hero's Journey we will discuss through Nature how we receive "Magical Aide" when we are 'in the flow.' Magical Aid supports guides us in every way, just like we see in Nature, specifically a marionette will show how the Kansas Sunflower's face, faces the sun from sun-up to sun down, strengthening it's future as a long stem flower.  
Also, we will be making necklaces from the "Heart of the Island" stones featured in "Moana" that GLOWS IN THE DARK!
Uni-Teens (Grades 5-8) will discuss how the Universe supports us when we are 'in the flow' or on our Divine Path while on the Hero's Journey. some questions we will explore: 
Who are you meant to be? How do you feel “Spirit” is calling you? What adventure is calling you? What do you want to be when you grow up? What 'calls' you? Why? Who (God) is calling you? What will you need for your adventure? What kind of “Magical Aid” would help you on your journey? When we are in the 'flow' Magical events come to us...aiding us in our journey: money, food, education, courage, ideas, strength, conviction, friends, support....*ALSO* an interactive fun GAME activity that helps facilitate 'community' and 'communication.